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SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

LipSense by SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

Makeup & Beauty Tips

Beauty Tips

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Beauty Tips

LipSense lip color – Sense Cosmetics from SeneGence

Makeup Tips and Beauty Tips!

Now you can obtain Unbelievable, Youthful Beauty with long lasting lipstick or lip color, semi permanent cosmetics and waterproof eye makeup!

These BEAUTY TIPS will make you look your very best wearing long lasting lipstick, lip color, waterproof eye makeup and semi permanent cosmetics.

Click to buy!LipSense® is the premier long lasting lipstick – lipcolor product for SeneGence™. This liquid lip color is an amazing departure from conventional lipsticks and lip colors found on the market today, and it comes in 32 incredible shades. These shades include 23 attractive classic colors, 3 illuminating highlighters, and 6 brilliant, irresistible shimmers to catch their eye when you walk into any room.

LipSense® long lasting lip color can last anywhere between 6 and 18 hours depending on your individual body chemistry, the way it is applied, and on certain medications that reduce its longevity. By using a layering method to application, along with lip lining, many different hues and tones are possible by blending colors. The result is the perfect looking lips for your skin tone and hair color given any occasion, formal or casual. Get lasting value- a tube will last 4 to 6 months, and your attractiveness lasts all day long, every day!

The liquid lip colors are made of pigments so shake well before each application. This highly unique, long lasting color pigment does not contain wax, moisturizers, or emulsifiers. When the color is applied, it will set on the lips. The moisturizing glosses, which contain shea butter, penetrate the color pigment and the lip tissue without lifting the color. This provides enriched hydration to the lips and enhances the long lasting effects of the color.

For best results (greatest staying power), LipSense® products must be applied to clean, dry lips, using a layering technique. Follow the natural shape of the lips, starting at the corner of the mouth. With one continual stroke, apply one layer of color to the bottom lip, then one layer of color to the top lip. (If your lips are dry, you may experience a slight tingling sensation at first application for a few days.) Let it dry completely before proceeding to the next layer. It is not recommended to apply more than three layers of color and between each layer of color, do not press your lips together. Once you have applied the moisturizer to the final layer, the color is sealed, and any tingling should subside. You’re ready for the day in the office or a night on the town!

For a more defined, finished look, we suggest using LinerSense® before applying the lip color. LinerSense® is a beautiful liquid lip liner available in four colors (light, neutral, dark, and brown) that blend with all the LipSense® color hues for either a subtle or dramatic look. When combining the two products, it gives the illusion of fuller lips. If you have thin lips, lining the middle of the lips heavier than toward the corners accentuates the lips to make them appear fuller. As we age, we lose our pigment and the look of full lips. With the LipSense® products, because they don’t bleed into wrinkles, you can apply your lip color to regain your original lip line and a clean appearance of fuller lips.

Click to buy!Eye Makeup Tips

EyeSense™, BrowSense™, and LashSense™ (names used by SeneGence™ for eyeliner, eyebrow, and mascara products) are made using the same pigment technology, offering a natural alternative to other man-made products, which contain chemicals that often irritate sensitive skin and eyes. These products enjoy the same longevity as the liquid lip color. ( Be sure to blow on the Eye Liner for a few seconds prior to application)

BrowSense™ needs to be shaken horizontally prior to application. The BrowSense™ delivery system is unique and effective. One end of the applicator is a controllable sable brush that is used to apply the color to the eyebrow with short, hair-length strokes. Once the color has been applied, take the brush end of the applicator and smooth away any excess color for even, natural coloration. If desired, repeat these steps until the desired color intensity is achieved. Using BrowSense™ is a wonderful option to dying your eyebrows that produces a natural look. If you are bored with your eyebrows, applying this product will heighten your brow, drawing attention away from other skin imperfections.

LashSense™ is applied by lightly stroking lashes from the base of the lash to the tip. For thicker lashes, allow the first coat to dry before applying the next. The curved brush allows for easy application for those difficult-to-reach lashes in the corner of the eyes.

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Click to buy!SeneDerm™ is the newest line of Senegence™ products, offering an unprecedented skin care system. With fewer steps to go through in your daily skin care routine, this product saves you time and you will be amazed at your radiant skin! Our MakeSense™ Foundation has the same amazing durability as our other cosmetics in that it doesn’t come off onto your clothing, doesn’t sweat off or smear, and acts as a sun block.

SeneDerm™ formulas contain only the finest raw materials to ensure the creation of the highest quality products. Studies show that on average, skin that is 40 years and older takes 20 plus days to recycle and produce new cells while younger skin recycles in 16-18 days. In order to produce healthy skin, the skin requires moisture, lubrication, and production of new cells. Independent laboratory tests conducted with the SeneDerm formula after only eight weeks of testing have documented the following results:

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles – 55.7%
Increased moisture and hydration – 54.2%
Increased firmness and elasticity – 51.9%
Increased cellular renewal – 23.3%

The SeneDerm™ Cellular Renewal System with SenePlex by SeneGence International™ was created to provide a healthy, safe, and effective approach to restoring the youthful appearance of the skin while encouraging new cellular growth. SenePlex is a proprietary combination of ingredients conceived and formulated after expeditions to the exotic Island of Vanuatu. Combined with the latest scientific research and technological advances, SeneDerm™, an unparalleled cellular renewal system for the skin, was created.

Click to buy!These exceptionally advanced formulations are synergistically blended with nature’s botanical extracts, marine algae, vitamins, liposomes, and essential oils. The ingredients used are specifically selected for their beneficial properties as well as total affinity and compatibility with the skin.

Determining the type of skin you have is the first step in knowing the right product that will achieve the optimum results with the SeneDerm™ system. The majority of people’s skin falls into two categories-even when the type of skin is identified as normal. Those categories are Normal to Oily and Normal to Dry.

The purpose of the SeneDerm™ system is to address each type of skin and bring its particular characteristics back into proper balance. You will first need to prepare your skin with our 3 in 1 cleanser that will cleanse, exfoliate, and tone the skin, intended for both morning and evening use. This is a nutritious formulation that nourishes and hydrates while deeply cleaning and preparing the skin for the SeneDerm™ Moisturizer. This exceptional emulsion gently exfoliates the skin without altering the pH balance when used with the SeneDerm™ system.

After cleansing in the morning, next apply the right moisturizer for your type of skin. Using the Normal to Dry Moisturizer, an antioxidant and botanical-rich treatment will help hydrate and moisturize deep into the layers of the skin. It contains a high level of SenePlex to seal in moisture and encourage cellular growth. Using the Normal to Oily Moisturizer advanced hydrating and moisture-retention process with unique filtering ingredients will provide environmental protection throughout the day. Precious jojoba oil and squalene controls sebum production and reduces the necessity of the skin to produce oil.

Click to buy!In the evening, while at rest, the skin is most susceptible to the penetration of nutrients and treatments. The environment is warmer during sleep; therefore, the pores are open and ready to receive the nutrients, precious oils, and vitamins that are concentrated in the Evening Moisturizer by SeneGence™. During sleep and/or rest, movement of the muscles in the face is at a minimum, allowing the skin to remain soft and absorbent to products on the face. This is why it is so important to thoroughly cleanse and moisturize the face before bedtime.

The Normal to Dry Moisturizer works during the night to re-moisturize, replenish, and repair skin cells that are damaged during the day from exposure to weather, dirt, sun, smog, smoke, and other conditions that harm the skin during daily life. The Normal to Oily Moisturizer uses precious oils to dilute the oils in the skin and discourage the sebaceous glands from further producing the unnecessary amounts of oil in the skin. The botanicals from Vanuatu, combined with the rich nutrients needed to properly produce cells, create an environment for healthy cellular production.

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The newest additions to the line are:

Climate Control Moisturizer with Sene Plex ( use AM and PM for added benefits to any skin type ) Body Scrub, Body Lotion and Shower Gel – all with Sene Plex for that all over glow.

Tips for Getting Oily Skin Under Control

Large pores, acne and blemishes, and an all-over shiny appearance are all noticeable signs of oily skin. Your skin’s oil production can increase for a number of reasons, including hormones, change in skin care routine and diet, and even a change in environment. When this occurs, help correct the issue by following these tips.

Change your skin care. If your skin is showing signs of oiliness, you may want to change your skin care formula to one that specifically targets oiliness and acne. If your oil build-up is only concentrated in the “T” zone area, you may want to switch to the Normal to Oily SeneDerm SkinCare Collection. For those with oiliness all over, the Oily to Acne SkinCare Collection (US only) made with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid will be an ideal option.

Deep clean pores. Remove deep-seated impurities hidden within pores by applying Detoxifying & Moisturizing Mask 2-3 times a week. Kaolin clay absorbs impurities while volcanic ash gently exfoliates. Soothing green tea and arnica flower helps counteract redness to ensure it does not cause irritation to acne-inflamed skin.

Moisturize. When skin is deprived of moisture, your body compensates by producing more oil. Keep skin moisturized by using DayTime Moisturizer and Evening Moisturizer (choosing a formula that best suits your skin type). Add extra hydration without clogging pores by spritzing oil-free Hydrating Facial Serum Mist anytime throughout the day.

Use non-comedogenic cosmetics. Non-comedogenic products are made so that they do not clog pores. MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer and MakeSense Foundations work to hide flaws without clogging pores for clearer skin.

Absorb oil with powder. Apply Translucid Powder in Natural to help absorb oil and eliminate shine after applying your makeup. This will help keep oil under control and keep your face looking fresh throughout the day.

Call me if you have any questions or want to order any of these sensational products today!

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