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SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

LipSense by SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup

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Eye Makeup

LipSense semi permanent lip color Sense Cosmetics from SeneGence

Eye Makeup

The eye makeup collection by SeneGence, is an unprecedented ensemble of waterproof cosmetics for your eyes using a revolutionary product formulation. Our liquid eyeliner, mascara, brow colour, and eye shadow, contain the same long lasting capability of all our SenseCometics™ and they do not smear off or rub off, and are waterproof.

Additionally, our amazing long lasting eye shadow contains SenePlex™, creating a cosmetic that not only beautifies but nourishes and protects the sensitive and fragile skin around your eye area. All ingredients in SeneGence products are FDA approved for use in cosmetics, and there is no animal testing.

Click to buy!Smudge proof, and waterproof, EyeSense™, LashSense® , BrowSense® , and ShadowSense™ should last between 4 to 18 hours* depending upon how you apply the products and your body chemistry. * Some medications can reduce the staying power of the product.

Senegence guarantee all the eye makeup collection technology to live up to their claims when applied properly.

EyeSense™, our incredible liquid eyeliner has the same long lasting technology of LipSense®. Imagine a liquid eyeliner that does not smear, so say good-bye to those dark circles caused by runny product underneath your eyes!

LashSense® mascara has amazing staying power even on the oiliest of skins and will not budge!

BrowSense® liquid brow colour not only shades and defines your brows beautifully, it has incredible holding power and will not melt off during your busy day!

ShadowSense™ has the ability to nourish and protect the eyelid area. We have created an eye shadow that notonly beautifies, but cares for and protects the sensitive and fragile skin on your eyelids.

The Basic Eye Collection includes one EyeSense ($18), one BrowSense ($18), one LashSense ($20), two ShadowSense ($40) and one Foops! Facial Color remover ($18).

Basic Eye Collection – $114.00 Click here to buy eye make up

Simple SeneTips to Help You Create Alluring Eyes

Deep-Set Eyes – Enhance deep-set eyes by dramatically arching eye brows and soften by using a brown shade of ShadowSense.  Use only light shades of ShadowSense over eye lid. Apply LashSense to upper lashes.

Heavy Brows – To balance heavy brows, brush into shape then apply a lilac toned ShadowSense shade over the eye area.  Dot a light pink shade of ShadowSense in the inner eye area. Finish by adding the lilac tone just under bottom lashes at the outer eye. Coat upper and lower lashes with LashSense.

Round Eyes – Highlight round eyes by softening brows with a brown shade of ShadowSense.  Use pale shades of ShadowSense on eyelids and under eye. Finish by lining upper eye lid with Smoke or Charcoal EyeSense. Apply LashSense to upper lashes.

Small Eyes – Enlarge smaller eyes by distinctly shaping brows using appropriate shade of BrowSense. Apply pale shades of ShadowSense to eye lid.  Wrap a deeper shade of ShadowSense above the entire length of the upper lid and down around to the inner eye along the bottom lashes. Coat upper and lower lashes with LashSense.