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SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

LipSense by SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

How To Apply Foundation

Apply Foundation

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Apply Foundation

How to apply Foundation – LipLady Glamour Techniques Made Easy!!!

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Instant Perfection:

Primes by filling fine lines and wrinkles before you apply foundation.
Minimizes the appearance of pores.
Hydrates and nourishes skin with Lavender, Blue Seaweed, Orchid and Algae.

Lasting Results:

– Helps to reduce the signs of aging with SenePlex, a patented compound that increases cellular renewal.
– Helps to repair skin discoloration caused my harmful UV ray exposure.
– Firms and tightens by helping to enhance collagen production of skin.

Wear MakeSense Silk on its own for a natural, flawless complexion, or apply before MakeSense Foundation for a photo ready finish that’s as smooth as silk.

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“Apply Foundation, Light or Heavy!!”

Apply Light Foundation – for a light (natural) coverage, use a sponge for application. Apply foundation in a downward motion to minimize impact of facial hair. Dab sponge on problem areas only. Blend color on face making sure to blend around and under the jawline, into the hairline, on earlobes if they are a different color, and around the nose.

Apply Heavy Foundation-for heavy coverage, apply foundation on face so no skin is visible through the foundation. If one area needs more concentration of coverage, apply with a dabbing touch using your fingertip. You can also cover freckles and birthmarks with this dabbing technique!

Widen Eyes


Dark Circles under eyes – for dark circles under your eyes, apply a lighter shade of foundation with a wedged sponge. Only go one-half to one shade lighter than the under eye dark area. Using too light a shade will produce a raccoon eye effect which makes the circles look even worse! Blend the foundation with a sponge.


Foundation for under-eye bags or puffiness – With a wedged sponge, dip into your lighter shade of foundation. Always use the mirror for placement of lighter color in bag or puffy area on the sides of the puffiness. Add lighter color there, too. Blend softly.Widen Eyes

Minimizing Facial Lines Around Nose and Mouth
–Dip the tip of your wedged sponge into your lightest foundation color. Apply lighter color in deepest area of the line. Blend lightly up to the highest point outside of the line with a sponge.




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