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SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

LipSense by SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

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ShadowSense Eye Shadow from SeneGence

Fall Eye Shadow Colors

Fall Eye Shadow Colors

With the beginning of autumn almost upon us, I’m excited to tell you about next season’s hottest makeup color trends!

Seasonal color reports are based on what shades are forecasted to be most popular in high fashion, home decorating, and cosmetics. With SenseCosmetics, there are so many colors to choose from, and you can even blend several colors together to achieve the exact color you want.

Best of all, they won’t smear, budge, or run off, even after a long day at the pumpkin patch, or an evening of sipping spiced cider! According to Pantone’s Fall 2015 Color Report, a mix of earthy neutrals and several bold shades are it for the autumn season.

Here’s a list of Pantone’s top 10 fall colors and the accompanying SenseCosmetics shade to match each!

1 Dried Herb- this earthy olive color is a sophisticated and chic neutral color that is a little bit more interesting than classic beige. Try it on your eyes with Smoked Topaz ShadowSense- available in both matte and shimmer finishes.

Smoked Topaz

Smoked Topaz

2 Desert Sage- a cool, soothing greenish-gray that it also a great neutral. Try it as a base for your ShadowSense looks: mix Mystic Moss ShadowSense with White Color Corrective Blender to achieve this shade.

Mystic Moss

White Blender

3 Stormy Weather- a powerful bluish gray shade that will look gorgeous on everyone’s gaze. Use Ebony Essence or Granite ShadowSense.

Ebony Essence


4 Oak Bluff- this golden yellow is a comforting, warm neutral. Apply a version of this shade on your eyes with Lemon Quartz ShadowSense.

Lemon Quartz

5 Marsala- the Color of the Year, Marsala is a winey red-brown that is earthy and sophisticated. Achieve this color on your lips by layering Sheer Berry and Neutral LipSense.

Sheer Berry


6 Biscay Bay- this cool, elegant teal inspires thoughts of soothing tropical waters. Add it as an accent to your eye looks by blending Mystic Moss, Caribbean, and Lemon Quartz ShadowSense together and applying to your lids.

Mystic Moss


Lemon Quartz

7 Reflecting Pond- a cooling, dark purple-blue, almost black, that will add intrigue to your makeup look. Try it on your lips by layering Blackberry and Berry LipSense, and on your eyes by blending Onyx, Caribbean and Silver Violet ShadowSense.





Silver Violet

8 Cadmium Orange– a warm and welcoming light golden orange that looks great on eyes and lips. Try a light, more neutral version of this shade with Candlelight ShadowSense on your lids, and Gold Champagne LipSense on your pout.


Gold Champagne

9 Cashmere Pink- this soft pink adds a classy, upscale feeling to your makeup looks, and will look great on everyone. Wear it on your lips in Army Pink or Aussie Rose LipSense.

Army Pink

Aussie Rose

10 Amethyst Orchid– a cool, orchid purple shade that will add a pop of unique color to your makeup look. On lips, try Purple Reign LipSense and on eyes, use Amethyst ShadowSense.

Purple Reign


ShadowSense Beauty Tips

Light Sapphire, Denim, and Caribbean Matte ShadowSense are essential for all brown-eye beauties.  Did you know that according to color theory, blue makes brown eyes pop!!  Apply these new shades to your golden eyes and watch in amazement as your eyes light up!  Top with ShadowSense Shine for a subtle shimmer that will complement your look.

Or perhaps you love Candlelight ShadowSense.  Try blending it with a bolder color such as Caribbean or Peridot for a more lively look.  Spring represents freshness and new beginnings….the perfect time to freshen you look and have fun doing it!

Light Sapphire    Caribbean  &   Denim Shadow Sense – Three new beautiful shades of ShadowSense long lasting, anti-aging eye shadow!!!  Now available in the Matte Creme to Powder formula in enhanced hues of blue.  Enjoy the rich color of exquisite blue Sapphire, the cool earthiness of Denim, and the captivating beauty of the exotic Carribean Sea in these aniti-aging shadows that won’t crease or run.  Pair them with your other favorite ShadowSense shades of layer all three together for a stunning azure gaze.  These shades are perfect for updating your Spring look!!

Spring Style

Matte lips in bold colors were spotted all over the runway of Spring fashion shows.  You can easily create this look using any LipSense shade and top it with Matte Gloss.  Matte LipSense Gloss gives the same coverage and moisuture to lips but without the shine.  Try a bolder shade than you normally wear and see the impact it creates!

Navy Eye Liner

As a fresh alternative to black or brown eye liner, try Navy!  It complements all eye colors and can make the eyes “pop” in a whole new way.  Achieve this look using Denim ShadowSense.  Did you also know that ShadowSense works wonderfully as an eyeliner?  Just use a flat or angled detail brush to apply along the last line for color that lasts as long as you do.  Experiment with smuding the edges or making the line more bold at the corners of your eyes!!!

Choosing Eye Shadow Based On Color Basics

ShadowSense Color Chart

Ever wonder how you choose eye shadow colors for your blue, green, or brown eyes?  Find your eye color on the color wheel and look directly across.  That color must be complementary for your eyes and make them pop!!

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes – Choose ShadowSense shades like Light Sapphire, Denim, and Silver Violet to make your eyes stand out.

Eye Shadow for Green Eyes – Choose ShadowSense shades like Amethyst, Silver, Violet, Pink Frost, and Mulberry to make your green look greener!!

Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes – Choose ShadowSense shades like Sanstone Pearl, Moca Java, Copper Rose, Candlelight and Garnet to make blue eyes appear even more blue!!

If you have any questions, please call on 360 736 3748 or email me! I am more than happy to help!!