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SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

LipSense by SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

Valued Clients – Body Makeup

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C-Bright Dark Spot Corrector: $80 USD

C-Bright Dark Spot Corrector

Target discolouration, dark spots, and even skin tone with this potent spot correcting serum that’s full of skin-boosting dual-action ingredients that visibly improve brightness, support a firmer looking appearance, and fades stubborn dark spots.

C-Bright Dark Spot Corrector ($80)

Deep Scalp Scrub: $48 USD

Deep Scalp Scrub
Deep Scalp Scrub ($48)

Lavender and Vanilla Deodorant: $20 USD

Lavender and Vanilla Deodorant
Lavender and Vanilla Deodorant ($20)

VitaSense Beauty + Collagen: $75 USD for 30 day Serving

VitaSense Beauty + Collagen
VitaSense Beauty + Collagen ($75)

Beauty + Collagen helps unleash that youthful inner glow from head to toe, inside and out. * Features BeautyPlex+™, a proprietary blend to help support: collagen production*, skin elasticity, tone and hydration*, and healthy skin, hair and nails*. Key ingredients include Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen Peptides (Type 1), Vitamin C, Biotin, Vitamin D, Zinc, and Copper.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

“NEW” SeneSun® Active Sunscreen Clear Spray SPF 50 : $50 USD

SeneSun® Active Sunscreen Clear Spray SPF 50 ($50)

Shield skin from UVA/UVB rays on the go with broad-spectrum protection that also hydrates and nourishes.
Clear, non-greasy formula
Coconut vanilla scent

Holiday Gift Sets


Stress-Free Holiday Gift Set
Stress-Free Holiday Gift Set ($90)

Lifting & Firming Neck Cream
FREE Natural Stone Skin Roller ($10 USD value) & Blue Organza Bag ($1 USD value)
Accessories: $11 USD total value


Cuddle-Ready Gift Set
Cuddle-Ready Gift Set ($60)

Hand Cream with Shea Butter
Heel & Elbow Softening Cream
FREE Body Poof ($1 USD value), BodyCare Sample ($1 USD value) & Gold Collection Bag ($10 USD value)
Accessories: $12 USD total value


 Mistletoe-Prep Gift Set
Mistletoe Prep Gift Set ($45)

LipSmooth® Conditioning Polish
Clear LipSense® Moisturizing Lip Balm
FREE Lip Exfoliator Brush ($5 USD value) & Blue Organza Bag ($1 USD value)
Accessories: $6 USD total value


 Teens Gift Set
Glad Tidings for Teens Gift Set ($70)

Blush Pink LipSense® Moisturizing Lip Balm
FREE Oil-Absorbing Sheets ($1 USD value) & Rainbow Glitter Bag ($5 USD value)
Accessories: $6 USD total value


Merry & Bright Collection ($50)

Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask
FREE Headband, Applicator & Gold Organza Bag
Accessories: combined $5 USD total value

“NEW” Digital Age Defense Serum

Digital Age Defense Serum
Digital Age Defense Serum ($50)

This lightweight, new generation serum features the latest advances in skin care to help protect against visible signs of aging related to blue light exposure from digital devices.

Offers a cool, refreshing feeling while helping to reduce the appearance of redness and blotchiness. Energizes and hydrates fatigued, sleep-deprived, and jet-lagged skin. No added fragrance and non-comedogenic

“NEW” Makesense Mini Pearlizer Collection

Mini Pearlizer Collection
Makesense Mini Pearlizer Collection ($90)

Moonstone Mini Pearlizer
Firefly Mini Pearlizer
Ember Mini Pearlizer
Clear Holographic Bag – Free!

“NEW” Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask

Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask
Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask ($50)

Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask
SeneGence branded applicator
SeneGence branded headband
Free white organza bag

“NEW” Heel and Elbow Softening Cream

Heel and Elbow Softening Cream
Heel and Elbow Softening Cream ($40)

This rich cream targets thick, rough, and dry skin in need of softer texture and hydration. Contains 9% Glycolic Acid and made with beneficial moisturizers and soothing botanicals. Leaves skin smoother and more radiant.

Hair Recovery Collection

HairCoveryTM Thickening & Volumizing Shampoo with UV Color Protection with SenePlex+TM and SenePeptideTM
Click to order HairCoveryTM Thickening & Volumizing Shampoo – $40.00

HairCoveryTM Moisturizing & Shine Enhancing Conditioner with UV Color Protection with SenePlex+TM and SenePeptideTM
Click to order HairCoveryTM Moisturizing & Shine Enhancing Conditioner – $40.00

HairCoveryTM Strengthening & Thickening Hair Serum with SenePlex+TM and SenePeptideTM
Click to order HairCoveryTM Strengthening & Thickening Hair Serum – $60.00

“NEW” Hydrating Facial Serum Mist

Instantly refresh and re-energize your skin anytime with lightweight, oil-free, alcohol-free Hydrating Facial Serum Mist with Sene-Plex+ Complex while simultaneously treating your complexion to long-term anti-aging benefits. Formulated with Apple and Kale Extracts to soothe, moisturize and help boost radiance, and Hydro Complex to help pull moisture into skin for lasting benefits. Spray it throughout the day.

Click to order Hydrating Facial Serum Mist – $40.00

“NEW” Lifting & Firming Neck Cream

SeneGence Lifting & Firming Neck Cream with SenePlex+ is a rich cream formula that is specifically formulated to work powerfully and effectively to firm, smooth, and even the delicate skin around the neck and décolletage area.

Vitamins, powerful anti-aging ingredients, and natural botanical extracts work at a cellular level to help plump, hydrate, and smooth wrinkles. With use over time, skin is noticeably firmer, lifted, and bouncier. Offers a dramatic before and after effect and helps neck and jawline look more sculpted

Click to order Lifting & Firming Neck Cream – $90.00

“NEW” Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment

Rid your skin of dullness and discoloration and uncover a complexion that glows from the inside out. Highly concentrated Vitamins A, B3, E, and two forms of highly stabilized Vitamin C, paired with powerful anti-aging peptides and botanical extracts target dark spots and discoloration caused by hyper pigmentation, acne, aging, and sun damage to reveal brighter, firmer skin over time.

Click to order Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment – $75.00

SeneSun SPF 30 SunScreen & Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk

SeneSun SPF 30 SunScreen works to protect your skin and provides:
• Protection from harmful UV rays
• Super light-weight and oil-free formula
• Anti-aging and moisturizing benefits
• Even coverage and easy spray application

Click to order SeneSun SPF 30 SunScreen – $45.00

Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk helps to give your skin a beautiful, sunless golden glow with:
• Long-lasting and water-resistant results
• Streak-free, even application
• Anti-aging and moisturizing benefits

Click to order Self-Tanning Bronzing Coconut Milk – $50.00

Abundance Parfum

Abundance by Senegence fragrances are created with the finest quality parfum oils, blended with our anti aging SenePlex for luxurious scent and skin care in one.

FRESH: This fresh scent features clean and refreshing green notes that draw inspiration from aquatic botanicals, soft florals and crisp hints of citrus.

Click to order Abundance Fresh – $70.00

LUSH: This fruity scent features sensual notes of velvety coconut milk and light tropical florals for a warm but refreshing scent.

Click to order Abundance Lush – $70.00

BLOOM: This floral scent features gorgeous fragrant blooms, light-than-air musk and soft spice for a sophisticated scent with a contemporary twist.

Click to order Abundance Bloom – $70.00

TRAVEL: This travel trio set contains all three Abundance Parfums.

Click to order Abundance Travel Trio – $70.00

Oily to Acne Skincare

A 24-hour, anti-aging skin care system that effectively treats acne is now available! The SeneDerm SkinCare Oily to Acne Collection thoroughly cleanses, delivers the right kind of moisture, and powerfully treats to help transform acne prone skin into healthy, clear and radiant skin.

Key ingredients including SenePlex Complex, Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide help to create a gentle yet effective daily regimen to minimize oiliness and blemishes.

The four step system includes a 3-in-1 Cleanser, DayTime Moisturizer, Evening Moisturizer and Spot-On Treatment to help skin look and feel healthy and clear of blemishes.

They are available to purchase individually, or in a 4-piece collection.

Click to order 3-in-1 Cleanser – $30.00
Click to order Day Time Moisturizer – $50.00
Click to order Evening Moisturizer – $60.00
Click to order Spot-On – $50.00
Click to order Oily to Acne Collection – $190.00

SeneDerm Polishing Exfoliator

The NEW SeneDerm Polishing Exfoliator – create younger looking skin with this powerful yet gentle facial exfoliator. As we age, our skin cycle slows down and natural exfoliation doesn’t occur as often as it does in youth. This effective facial scrub harnesses beneficial ash from the exotic island of Vanuatu and works to speed up cell turnover for healthy, glowing skin.Click to order SeneDerm Polishing Exfoliator – $50.00

SeneDerm Solutions ~ Nangai Oil

The NEW SeneDerm Nangai Oil will help skin retain moisture with the purest form of natural moisture retention ingredients known today. This light and velvety oil from the nut of the Nangai tree will help reduce the signs of aging, making skin luminous, glowing, and deeply hydrated.Click to order SeneDerm Nangai Oil – $45.00

SeneDerm Detoxifying & Moisturizing Mask

TheSeneDerm Detoxifying & Moisturizing Mask will draw impurities out of the skin and replace them with hydration and skin-healthy ingredients, with instant and lasting results! At the end of a long day, smooth this mask onto your face, sit back, relax and indulge in the wonderful sea kelp scent. Rinse off and reveal hydrated, soft, and healthy skin.Click to order SeneDerm Detoxifying & Moisturizing Mask – $45.00

MakeSense Silk Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer

MakeSense Silk Pore and Wrinkle MinimizerPrimes by filling fine lines and wrinkles before foundation application.
Minimizes the appearance of pores.
Hydrates and nourishes skin with Lavender, Blue Seaweed, Orchid and Algae.Click to order MakeSense Silk – $55.00

Fooops SenseCosmetics Facial Color Remover

Foops!Introducing the NEW and improved Fooops SenseCosmetics Facial Color Remover! Enjoy removing long-lasting SenseCosmetics, including EyeSense and LashSense, quickly and easily with this unique and effective liquid that activates when shaken. It’s ideal for all skin types, and won’t only remove makeup, but add an additional layer of anti-aging SenePlex Complex and natural skin-healthy ingredients such as Spirulina, Coconut and Arnica Flower.    Click to order Foops – $22.00

MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted MoisturizerIntroducing the NEW and improved Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer! Smooth this lightweight tinted moisturizer onto your skin and enjoy multiple benefits in one easy step. Corrects by helping to counteract redness, signs of skin damage, and blemishes with natural mint color blended in. Protects with a mechanical shield and anti-aging ingredients including SenePlex Complex. Helps defend skin from free radicals with a formula ideal for acne-prone skin including Arnica flower, a natural anti-inflammatory.

Light MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted MoisturizerClick to order Light MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer – $45.00

Medium MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted MoisturizerClick to order Medium MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer – $45.00

Deep MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted MoisturizerClick to order Deep MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer – $45.00

Fair MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted MoisturizerClick to order Fair MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer – $45.00

Light MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted MoisturizerClick to order Light MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer – $45.00

Light Medium MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted MoisturizerClick to order Light-Medium MakeSense Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer – $45.00

MakeSense Foundation

Makesense Foundation
MakeSense™ Foundation with SenePlex® combines cosmetics with skincare to give you an impeccably flawless finish. Oil-free, non-comedogenic and water-resistant, this long-lasting formula can be used on any skin type! The foundation also provides a mechanical shield equivalent to an SPF 15. Combine with the DayTime Moisturizer for an equivalent SPF 30. – $50.00

MakeSense Foundation Almond

MakeSense Foundation Beige

MakeSense Foundation Adobe

MakeSense Foundation Cafe au lait
Cafe au lait

MakeSense Foundation Caramel

MakeSense Foundation Chiffon

MakeSense Foundation Tan

MakeSense Foundation Cinnamon

MakeSense Foundation Coffee

MakeSense Foundation Dewy

MakeSense Foundation Fawn

MakeSense Foundation Goldentan

MakeSense Foundation Ivory

MakeSense Foundation Pearlizer

MakeSense Foundation Porcelain

MakeSense Foundation Suede

MakeSense Foundation Truffle

MakeSense Hydration Foundation

MakeSense Foundation Beige Chiffon
Beige Chiffon Hydration

MakeSense Foundation Dewy Hydration
Dewy Hydration


MakeSense Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation

Formulated with SenePlex Complex+ and SeneShield, two of the most advanced anti-aging and skin-protective technologies known today, new MakeSense Advanced Anti-Aging Foundation will actually shield your skin from environmental hazards like pollution and UV rays, helping to fight signs of skin damage and aging. – $60.00










Cafe Au Lait







“NEW” SeneGence For Men

Gentle Purifying CleanserGentle Purifying Cleanser – $36

Gentle Purifying Cleanser effectively cleanses men’s skin to reveal a fresh and shave-ready complexion. Helps maintain optimal moisture balance so skin is hydrated. Exfoliates to help decongest skin for clear complexion. Sulfate-free cleanser that does not irritate skin.

Soothing Shave CreamSoothing Shave Cream – $29

Soothing Shave Cream is uniquely formulated to provide a close, comfortable shave that deeply soothes and calms skin. Formulated so razor blade can glide effortlessly over skin. Fights nicks, razor burn, ingrown hair, and irritation. Helps to reveal smooth, soft skin.

Facial MoisturizerFacial Moisturizer – $39

Facial Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 is a daily use, oil-free moisturizer that relieves dry skin by instantly providing lasting hydration. Age-fighting antioxidants protect skin. Mattifies skin to control oil and eliminate shine. Broad spectrum UVA/UVB sun protection and moisturizer all in one.

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