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LipSense by SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

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LipSense ushers in a new era in makeup. LipSense is not sold in stores, only through an independent Senegence distributor. Our SeneGence Distributor information is available – just click here to email your request for an information package!

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Business Highlight: A Profile of Marlies Walker – Our Founder

Reprinted from the American Business Women’s Association’s online Company Connection newsletter.

It would take more than blush, concealer and mascara to disguise the remarkable success Marlies Walker has recently had as the owner/operator of CleanDotCom — an online retailer of cosmetics and products for women.

Among the thousands of distributors in USA, Canada and Australia, Marlies has been named the “No. 1 personal sales volume distributor” with Senegence International, the company that manufacturers the makeup and lip color she sells.

At the time she began her business, Marlies says she also held a full-time accounting position with a dental office in Palm Desert Calif. “In the beginning, I sold products at street fairs and trade shows and other venues, ” Marlies says. In a little more than four years, she says she went from having no customers to a database of more than 8,000 women who are repeat customers.

Marlies explains that to obtain the customers she has, she has established four Web sites and does advertising in numerous publications.

Stocking and shipping most of her products herself, she also has someone that does a monthly e-mail blast regarding special offers to her customer base. “The rest is done with search engine strategies,” she continues. “I have contracted with a highly knowledgeable person in Australia that does this for me and who has been on my payroll since 2001.”

But, Marlies says that it was the 2001 ABWA National Conference in New Mexico that made the greatest impact in the success of her business.

“The national conference in Albuquerque
was the turning point for me,” she says. “Meeting so many wonderful women and hearing some of the wonderful guest speakers who had such great insight and knowledge — the experience gave me a great sense of confidence that I could be a self-made success if only I put my energy into it.”

Since the conference, Marlies says that her business has continually grown. “As to ABWA — had it not been for my attending the conference in Albuquerque in 2001, as well as the one in Reno the same year — I am sure the needed confidence that resulted from this would still be only a dream,” she says.

In fact, Marlies is already preparing for all that she can gain from the 2007 ABWA National Women’s Leadership Conference in Greensboro Sept. 20-22, 2007, which she knows includes opportunities to gain the sort of knowledge and networking necessary to remain a thriving business owner and career woman.

“The 2007 ABWA National Women’s Leadership Conference is on the drawing board — you can bet on it,” she says. “I know it will offer plenty of new ideas and insights I can use to continue on a path of success into the future.”

100% Customer Satisfaction guaranteed! If you don’t like the product, we will exchange it or give you a refund even after you try the product. Traditional lipsticks use wax mixtures. These wax mixtures do not adhere to lips and as such allow the lipcolor to transfer to other surfaces,like cups,glasses,clothing or skin, as well as teeth.

The old lipsticks using a wax formula are not waterproof. Swimming, eating and drinking or just wetting the lips will diminish the lip color. Repeated application of this old wax formula often causes dry lips. Since there is no moisturizing effect from the wax formulas,chapped lips are usually the end result.