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SeneDerm Skin Care

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SeneDerm Skin Care

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The Science behind SeneDerm ® Skin Care

Let’s face it: Most of us feel much more confident talking with others about the products we represent when we REALLY KNOW and actually understand how and why they work.

It is a proven fact that skin care customers are more valuable to a distributor than ‘color only’ clients. Skin Care customers tend to be so satisfied with the improvement of their skin when using SeneDerm® that they are typically those who willingly begin to use a much greater variety of SeneDerm® products offered in the line.

With a change in the seasons…there’s plenty of reasons to buy SeneDerm. Watch SeneDerm ® Skin Care Systems improve your skin and build your confidence. 

The Science Behind SeneDerm ® Anti-Aging Skin Care System

  • SeneGence® traveled to the other side of the world to find different ingredients than are offered here in the States. The problem found in the US is that cosmetic companies use the same ingredients – just in varying amounts.
  • This is where SenePlex® comes in: SenePlex® Complex is a kinetic (active) enzyme, meaning it creates energy. This energy increases the speed in which cells grow from the bottom to the surface of the skin.

Moisture Content of the Skin: The goal of a good skin care system must include maintaining and balancing moisture content of the skin.

  • Your body is 86% water (H2O)
  • Your body constantly transfers moisture into the atmosphere.
  • Skin is a Permeable Membrane: Tiny molecules may transfer from one side of your skin to the other through the tiny wholes of the skin.
  • You must replenish water loss of the body each and every day and throughout the course of the day due to the fact you are constantly loosing your body’s moisture content through this process of moisture transference into the atmosphere – 24 hours a day.

Molecular Size or Molecular Weight: The size of the molecules of each of the ingredients within a product greatly determines the effectiveness of the ingredients and the product.

  • Products made of ingredients with very large molecules that spread from one side of the pore opening to the other, covering the entire opening of the pore result in a comedogenic product, meaning it clogs pores and does not penetrate through the surface of the skin.
  • Ingredients made with smaller molecules that do not spread from one side of the pore opening to the other are non-comedogenic. They are too small to clog the pore and, if small enough, may penetrate through the surface of the skin.
  • If products claim to contain ingredients that are beneficial and is to affect various layers of your skin then those ingredients must be made of molecules that are small enough to penetrate through the surface of the skin to the various layers.

SeneDerm® Anti-Aging Skin care System and creamy SenseCosmetics™ are made with a variety of Molecular Weights (sizes) so that specific ingredients are able to deliver the active ingredients of SenePlex® Complex into the skin.

Molecular Weights and Protecting the Skin. The molecular weight of the ingredients of a product that remain on the surface of the skin is important as they can act as an important barrier to protect your skin from free radicals in the atmosphere. Free radicals (different types of atmospheric bacteria) can eat away at the molecules that protect the skin. If free radicals are successful breaking down the protective layer on the surface of the skin, the moisture below the skin’s surface can then transfer into the atmosphere.

  • It is important to balance the size of the molecular weight of ingredients needed for protection of the skin with the purpose of the product. At the same time, avoid molecular weights that are comedogenic in nature.

One of the goals of SeneDerm ® Skin Care Systems and creamy SenseCosmetics® is to help balance and maintain moisture content of the skin. Based upon a variety of molecular weights in each of the products, the size of the molecules determines the hours of protection. The estimated period of protection from free radicals of the products is:

  • Daytime Moisturizer   Estimated average of 8-10 hrs
  • Evening Moisturizer    Estimated average of 12-14 hrs
  • Body Butter                Estimated average of 14-18 hrs
  • Eye Cream is the thickest & last the longest

The Truth about Actives. An “active” ingredient (example: Vitamins A, B, D, E, etc) is an ingredient or combination of ingredients that impact the way in which a process happens. Active enzymes have energy. Energy moves and eventually runs out of energy.

  • If active ingredients are mixed within a liquid solution, they may easily move about as the solution is not very dense. Therefore, you may assume that if they move quickly, the active ingredients will quickly run out of energy.
  • If active ingredients are in a more solid solution or mixture they may not easily move about as the solution or mixture is much more not dense than a liquid.  Therefore, you may assume that if the active ingredients are limited in movement, they do not run out of energy as quickly as those in a liquid solution.
  • You may conclude: If the active ingredient is in a light viscosity (loose density) delivery system, the active ingredient probably runs out of energy quicker than it would in a thicker viscosity – a more dense mixture.

SeneDerm ® Anti Aging Skin Care Systems and Creamy SenseCosmetics™ are manufactured based on a “Just In Time” inventory system to help ensure that fresh products with active ingredients are passed onto our SeneGence® Distributors who then deliver them into the hands of every user.

Amazing Climate Control. Climate Control is made of smaller molecule weights than the creams and is good for all skin types. It was created to balance the moisture content of the skin by delivering more moisture into the skin.

  • The natural oil complex (SelPlex) of Climate Control wedges its way between the cells that do not have enough moisture content to separate one cell wall from the next. As the SelPlex Complex makes it’s way between the cellular walls, it then delivers additional moisture, along with SenePlex® Complex into the skin.
  • You must use Day Time or Evening Moisturizer after the application of Climate Control due to the fact the molecules of Climate Control are not large enough to protect the skin’s surface. The moisturizers offer a protective layer against free radicals.

Layer by Layer ad SenePlex® Complex.  SenePlex® Complex is added to your skin by the layering process so that your skin may absorb as much of the complex your skin can assimilate.

  • You layer SenePlex® onto your skin with each application and usage of SeneDerm) Skin Care Systems and Creamy SenseCosmetics™.

SenePlex® Complex. SenePlex® Complex is the proprietary complex formulated into every SeneDerm® & SenseCosmetics™ cream product. SenePlex® Complex is a unique combination of ingredients, which when used properly, accelerates cellular renewal growth. SenePlex® Complex facts include:

  • The “Actives” are a “Kinetic Enzyme” – Kinetic Enzymes create energy. This means that SenePlex® speeds up the natural process of reproducing cells without changing the process itself.

Here’s Why: SenePlex® Complex is a mixture of unique ingredients and raw materials contained within a delivery system that allows for penetration and delivery of the SenePlex® actives into the second layer of the skin, the dermis. At the very base of this layer, the actives create a kinetic enzyme reaction and increase the cellular growth production. Increasing cellular growth has a substantial impact upon the health and conditions of the skin.

  • Simply stated – SenePlex® Complex impacts the growth of living cells and increases the cellular renewal process at a rate never before seen in the cosmetics and skincare industry.

Here’s How: SenePlex® Complex’s Direct Effects upon the Skin – In the normal course of cellular production, cells are generally dehydrated and hardened by the time they reach the outer layer of the epidermis. As cellular production increases (speeds up by SenePlex® Complex), cells on the way to the surface of the epidermis are replaced with newer cells faster.

  • Moisture Content: The dehydration process of these newer cells has not been completed even as they are replaced with the cells rising to the top from underneath. Moisture content is improved through increased cellular production. Cells maintain a greater amount of moisture making them more plump and supple.
  • Luminosity: Replacing older dead cells with cells that maintain greater moisture content makes skin more luminous. When light touches the surface of dead cells, the light is absorbed, making dull complexions.  However, when light touches a cell containing moisture, the light reflects off of the moisture making skin ‘glow’.
  • Firmness and Elasticity: Increased cellular growth also means less time for cells to naturally loose collagen content and break down elastin fibers that make the skin sag. Increased cellular production helps to increase firmness and elasticity of the skin naturally due to the retention of moisture in and around the cells.
  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Fine lines and wrinkles are often attributed to the build up of dehydrated, dead skin that has been compacted into certain areas of the skin surface. With healthy, moist, luminous cells produced at a constant increased rate, fine lines and wrinkles are sure to diminish because dead, dry flat cells are replaced with fuller plumber cells from the bottom up.  As well, the SeneDerm® 3-in-1 Cleansers maintain the surface exfoliation process to ensure the fullest, plumpest cells are on the skin’s surface.
  • Balancing and Diminishing Skin’s Discoloration: With increased cellular growth, it is conceivable to imagine that non-genetic color spots created by unhealthy skin could be replaced by healthier, more beautiful skin. This could result in a more evenly colored skin surface, making your complexion appear smoother.
  • Blemished Skin Types: Conceivably, one could suppose that if cells are being produced at an increased speed, small lesions created by blemishes could possibly heal faster.

Independent Laboratory Results. SeneGence® sent samples of the product to an independent laboratory to verify our in house test results of SenePlex® Complex for publication. You should know that less than five percent of products in the marketplace today do this as they claim marketed results, or unverified self-tested results for spin.

The Independent Laboratory tests were based upon the use of the product (Evening Moisturizer) over the course of eight weeks. A total of 100% of those tested experienced significant changes in their skin.  The results are as follows:

The skin’s cellular renewal cycle increased an average of 23.3%.  As a result, then:

  • Moisture and hydration increased an average of 54.2%
  • Skin firmness and elasticity by increased an average of 51.9%
  • Luminosity increased an average of 48.7%

That then, ultimately results in:

  • Reducing fine lines and wrinkles by an average 55.7% per user!

The SenePlex ® Complex contained in all of the SeneGence ® SeneDerm ® with SenePlex ® Skin Care formulations and when contained in the long-lasting color technology of SenseCosmetics™ with SenePlex ® is beneficial to all skin surfaces that cover the entire body.

By SeneGence®