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SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

LipSense by SeneGence Distributor - Lee Walker

Glamour Makeup Tips

Glamour Makeup

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Glamour Makeup

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LipLady Glamour Makeup Techniques Made Easy!!!

“Glamour Makeup For Your Eyes”

Enlarge a smaller eye

Eyebrows-The Frame of Your Eye

Thicken Thin Eyebrows-Start at the bridge of the nose with eyebrow, apply color over entire eyebrow area in short hair like strokes. Blend with the eyebrow brush and brush up the hairs.

Enlarge a smaller eye

Full Eyebrows – Use a feather-touch stroke with brow color to fill in any areas with sparce hair. Blend with eyebrow brush.

Enlarge a smaller eye


To Enlarge the Smaller Eye, start at the outer corner of your eye with a medium shadow tone. You can set the shape by angling slightly in an upward direction. Your personal Shadow color should then be applied on the entire eyelid as far as the crease while blending outward using a wedged sponge.

Softly blend in the darkest color in the crease and at the outer corner of your eyes. Now line your upper eyelid at the lash line from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyes. Next you line your lower eye lids under your lashes on the outer corner, from one third of your eye to the outer corner. Apply your Mascara and you are done!!!

Widen EyesTo Widen Close Set Eyes, using the lightest shade of eye shadow apply to one half of the eyelid from inner corner to center. Blend darker tone on outer corner of your eye blending outward to elongate and soften. Blend darker tone from middle of your lid upward to brow bone extending beyond outer corner drawing eyes further apart. Add highlighter under your brow.

Add lighter color on outer eye to soften dark shadow. Line the top your eye at the lash line on outer two thirds which pulls the eye outward. Do not add liner on inner third near corner of your eyes as this will bring your eyes closer together. Line your lower lid under the lashes starting in the middle and working toward the outside corner. Smudge color line down to just a shadow for a smoky look which is great for evening. Apply your mascara and your are done!!

Widen Eyes“For Hooded Eyes”, with a medium to dark shadow color start at the outer corner of your eyes and set shape slightly upward. Blend darker shade over hooded area extending into your eye brow bone. Blend medium tone in center of your lid softly blending to soften brow bone.

Use the lightest shade in corner of your eyelid. Highlight just under your brow with lightest shade. Do not extend highlighter too far down your eye brow. Keep it higher on the eye brow which will give prominence to the hood.

Line upper eyelids from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner of your eyes. Keep the line as close as possible to the lash line. Starting at the outer corner, line the lower eye lid under your lashes and be sure to line only one third of the bottom of your eye lids. Smudge liner line until just shadow. Apply your mascara and your are done!!

Wider Eyes“Wide Set Eyes”, start at the outer corner of your eye with a medium tone shadow. Set the shape by angling slightly upward. Next, apply your shadow color on the entire eyelid across to the crease, blending outward.

Blend medium-light toned shadow across to the brow bone and then blend to the center of your eye lid. Do not extend the eye shadow outward. Blend a darker color in the corner of your eyelids next to the bridge of your nose into fullest area of your eye brows.

Blend darker color from inner corner to center of the eyelid, blending into medium shade that started from the outer corner. Concentrate lightest shade in the center under your bow. Do not add lightest shade to the outer edges under the brow as this will pull the eye outward.

Line upper eyelid at your lash line moving from the very inner corner to the outward corner. Line under the lower lid with taupe and brown or black. Line outer one half or one fourth beyond taupe with brown or black to pull the eyes into the nose.

Smudge liner line down to just a shadow for a smokey effect. Apply your mascara and your Glamour Makeup is done!!!

If you have any questions about Glamour Makeup, please call on 360 736 3748 or email me!

I am more than happy to help!!