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Thank you to Nancy L. Nancy who is a licensed Aesthetician with extensive education in Europe and the U.S., in both medical and specialized aesthetics. She has been in the field for 15 years in the state of Florida. I often read popular magazines, like In Style, “O” Magazine, Glamour, to name a few. One of the most popular ads that clicked with the masses and had sky-rocketing sales was a product with a catchy heading of “Better Than Botox?” The medical industry had a fit over the liberty that this company, Stri-Vectin -SD, took in their claims of comparing their stretch mark cream / turned anti-wrinkle phenomenon, to the likes of the doctor’s expensive, money-making injected vial of botox. However, the medical industry could do NOTHING, as Stri-Vectin-SD put their suggestion in question form, leaving it to the consumer to decide.

Now, there is a NEW kid on the block saying they are better than Better Than Botox?. The new Wonder Potion (their words) is called Idebenol (e-deb-in-all). A Misty Bott wrote the article I am quoting and sharing with you. She says that:

The reason everyone is so excited about this “Facial Anti-Oxidant” is due to a Clinical Trial conducted on women with an average age of 67 years. These ‘mature’ women increased their Skin Renewal Rate so dramatically that it matched the skin renewal rate of women in their late 20’s , or 29 years old to be exact. That’s right: 67-year-old-skin with a renewal rate of a 29 year old. Amazing!! Ms. Bott noted that a Dr. B. Grant Bishop, M.D., Dermatologist and Clinical Professor of Dermatology at the University of Utah, cautioned that “Although the data from preliminary research and concededly, the remarkable reports from people who’ve used e-deb-in-all suggests that this compound is highly effective, many more clinical trials must be conducted before a consensus emerges in the established medical community.”

I cringe to tell you Ms. Bott’s response to Dr. Bishop’s expert advice but here goes! She said “However, if you’re like most of us, and don’t give a flying fig about a “medical consensus”, but just want to hear “all the facts”…try these facts on for size:


I compared our credible Independent Lab Results with their inconclusive Clinical Trial tests and here is where we separate the so-called, skincare junkies claims from the experts proven results!!!


Fine lines, wrinkle and crow’s feet

FACT: A 32% after 1 month-increasing to 57% in reduction in 3 months FACT: A 38.8% significant reduction after 1 month and 55.7% reduction in 8 weeks

Overall Appearance

FACT: A 34% improvement after 1 month, increasing to 45% in 3 months FACT: A whopping 48.7% Luminosity increase in only 8 weeks

Skin Hydration

FACT: A 40% rise in skin hydration after 1 month, increasing to 50% in a 3 month period FACT: An increase of 32.6% after 1 month, and 54.2% after 8 weeks

Firmness and Elasticity

FACT: A 32% increase in 14 days FACT: 51.9% increase after 8 weeks

In each instance, SeneGence out-performed this supposed “Miracle Cream’s” results and, in far Less Time!!! Talk about a WOW!!

Are you ready for another “Gotcha”?

Idebenol, the “anti-wrinkle phenomenon” comes in a tube with 3.4 oz and scratches the pocketbook at $109 a tube! I suppose it might last 1-2 months using it as recommended 2 times a day.

SeneGence offers the Skin Care Kit with 4 products for a complete home care regimen for $135. If this isn’t a “NO BRAINER”, nothing is.

The thing we need to impress upon all of our customers is that there are plenty of TREATMENT CREAMS available on the market today at variable costs and claims. However, a treatment cream is NOT to be mistaken for daily skin care or skin fitness. For those that want Long-Lasting results that are creditably tested and stand by their claims, SeneGence is the answer to each need.

When looking for the qualifications of Ms. Bott and why she was chosen to write this article, I nearly fell over. This is what was written.

*+*+*Ms. Bott is Managing Editor of ePregnancy Magazine…..”The New Image of Pregnancy”….and a Certified Skin-Care Junkie.

I consider the description of Ms. Bott an insult and it totally discredits her, recognizing she has NO qualifications or education to be reporting on such a product. But I also think of her article and an injustice to those that indeed are interested in improving their skin and are at the mercy of what is written as gospel.

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